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Monday, December 20, 2004

Jeep Wrangler Trailer Hitches

Jeep Wrangler Trailer Hitches
by Ivan Smith

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Well you're doing the "Jeep thing" and you finally get that bass boat you've been waiting for all your life and find You'll need a Jeep Wrangler trailer hitch before you can tow it.
Quality S Mfg. started building receiver hitches about twenty years ago with just four thousand dollars. When you don't have money, you use what you DO have. In their case, it was hard work and sweat. A few of the big named competitors tried to squash their little company, but how do you squash people who listen to their customers and give them what they want: a good quality receiver hitch at a very low price (about 40% below the big names)? Today, Quality S is still a family owned and operated company. Even though they have grown, they haven't lost the spirit that carried them through the lean years. They still provide their customers with high quality products at fair prices.
The Quality S Class III Receiver has been, and still is, the backbone of the company. Over the years, as pickups have changed, so has their Class III Receiver. With their much lighter frames, newer pickups and SUV's require a much bigger, more complicated trailer hitch. However, with their ongoing investment in the latest metal working technology, they have met the challenges these new vehicles have provided without a major increase in price. Most of the newer model Class III Receivers require little, if any, drilling, and ALL of their receivers are made and powdercoated at their Arizona plant. All class III receiver trailor hitches have a tow weight of between 3500 and 5000lbs.
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Once you get that class III hitch installed there are three more thing you'll need. A ball, a ball mount, and a hitch pin. Balls come in 1 7/8" 2" and 2 5/16". The 2" is the most often used. You have different shaft lengths and diameters to choose from. The most popular ball mount is a steel 2" drop. They are available in 4,6,8,and 10 inch drops. There are a few companies that make them from an aircraft aluminum, The alumistinger ball mount hitch offers boat, ATV, and utility trailer owners the highest quality, greatest strength, and the best looking ball mount hitch available in the hitching industry. What's more, the Alumistingers will NEVER RUST! Because the hitch is constructed from a special aircraft aluminum alloy (the same alloy used for jet aircraft and NASCAR racing frames), there is no need to paint or chrome the surface; for this reason, it can't flake or chip to expose a metal that is susceptible to the effects weather and rust. The surface is simply polished to a high gloss finish which lasts a lifetime. Also, because it is constructed of aluminum it is lighter than steel and literally 30% stronger. Hitch pins are required to keep the ball mount in the receiver and if you have an expensive ball mount or a nice hitch cover you may want a "locking hitch pin". You don't want anyone relieving you of your investment.

Thank You
Ivan Smith


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I installed some new truck steps on my 94 jeep Cherokee. Mainly because I lifted it to high that my wife couldn't jump into and they were really cheap. I really like them though and they make my jeep look really good.

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