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Monday, December 20, 2004

Discount Fender Flares Silverado

Discount Fender Flares Silverado
by Ivan Smith

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Tired of cleaning all that dirt that collects behind the tires? Want an inexpensive answer? "Discount fender flares Silverado" is a popular search for people looking for fender flares that wont break the bank. Let me introduce you to "Flexy Flares"

Flexy flares by Pacer mount inside the fender lip and extend out 3" to deflect dirt and road debris away from truck's finish. A set allows you legal use of wide tires and wheels and gives them a neat, custom appearance. Heavy-gauge steel wire insert on outer edge adds strength and prevents sagging and buckling to maintain contour of flare. They wrap around the fender for a clean, finished look. Secure screw-on installation so some drilling is required. A set of 4 includes hardware and instructions. The 1/4" thick automotive-grade black rubber is flexible (won't crack or peel), weather resistant and treated to resist oxidation. Die-cut flares have pretrimmed ends for a perfect fit. Whether you're looking for Trailblazer fender flares or fender flares for f-150, These will work.
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The easiest way add touch of class to your vehicle and get protection from road debris is a set of stainless steel fender trim. While not as cheap as the Flexy Flares, they are still less than half the price of the molded plastic. Chrome Fender Trim is made from highly polished Stainless Steel and cut using state-of-the-art laser technology for an absolutely perfect fit. There is a rubber edge to protect paint finish. Easy Installation. Installs with stainless screws to avoid rust down the road and some applications are no drill. Sold as sets of four.
The other two players in fender flares are Bushwacker and EGR. These are molded "truck specific" flares come in a paintable abs plastic that can take a bump or two with no effect. EGR has just one style but their fender flares give the look of factory installed, yet at a fraction of the cost. Molded from high impact polymer for superior durability, these flares actually provide extra protection from rocks, gravel, and other road debris. Quick & easy installation. Can easily be color matched at your local body shop or left black. No drilling! Bushwacker has four different lines to choose from. They start with their "Street Flare" series for those of you that like a more conservative look. Now everyone can travel first class with Bushwacker's low-profile Street Flares. They're the hottest add-on to hit the streets in decades. For those that like to looks of the ones that come from the factory, Bushwacker has to "OE style"Now owners of late model pick-up trucks and SUVs can get the look and fit of factory with an aftermarket product. Bushwacker's new "OE Style" lets you add factory style flares for a fraction of the cost.
Engineered to match the trim lines of each vehicle, these easy-to-install flares feature a sleek, curved design that wraps under the vehicle for factory-installed styling. Bushwacker's "OE" Style Fender Flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle. They come complete with everything required for quick - easy installation.
The "Extend a Fender" series are for those of you that have oversized tires and need that extra width that you get with Extend a Fender. Their most popular ... these flares blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that's bold enough to turn heads, trim enough to go anywhere.
The most aggressive series are the "Cut Outs". Whether you're headed for rugged territory or a night on the town, these will make a powerful statement with some of the widest tire coverage you can find. They extend a big two to five inches beyond the wheel-well opening, so they're perfect for those aggressive, super-sized tires.

Thank You
Ivan Smith


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