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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dash mats Ford

Dash Mats Ford ... what you need to know
Dash Mats Ford
by Ivan Smith

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Whether you have a new Ford and you want to protect the dash right from the start or you have an old f150 that could use something to cover up the rough spots of all that sun its been getting for all those years ... then now is the time to be thinking "Dash mats Ford". Dash mats serve either purpose. Right from the start you will be protecting your dash from the harsh UV rays that are amplified through the windshield. I didn't have one in my 97 Dodge and now the whole front up by the air vents are kinda erupting and it really looks trashy. I learned my lesson and have one in my 03 Dodge and I wont have to worry about it deteriorating. The sun doesn't get to it.
Dash mats aren't all the same. For $30-$40 you can get the "Dash Mat" by Dash Mat Custom made in the USA dash mats cuts hazardous windshield glare and dramatically reduces windshield haze caused by gasses emitted from the dashboard.. Protects the dash from sun damages, helping to stop cracking and warping. They are made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet with a limited lifetime warranty. Dash mats are always special ordered. Don't expect to go into a store and come out with one. There must be a million different dashes and 14 colors. Plan on about two weeks. Most web sites don't have online ordering ... so you'll have to call or go by a local store.The "Velour Mat" by dash mat is made of soft rich velour and available in the same 14 colors and has the same qualities of protection
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The "Ulti Mat" is the BEST fitting BEST looking cover on the market. Soft Molded to the exact shape of your dashboard means a PERFECT fit on every ridge and without seams or darts. Available for most Trucks & Suv's they are made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet with a lifetime guarantee. I have this one in my truck. Costs a little more and it isn't available for all dashes but if they make it for your dash ... spend the extra and get the best fitting mat in the country.
As long as you are protecting your front dash ... why not get a rear deck cover too? Made of the same high quality non-shrinking, color fast needle punch carpet as the Original DashMat the "rear deck cover" protects the rear deck while reducing heat reflection. Another way to protect your dash is with a sun shade. Eclipse auto sunshade makes the only "retractable" sunshade. Eclipse sunshade has metalized fabric to reflect solar rays. Custom sunshades sized for full windshield coverage are beveled cut at bottom for best fit to dash. They are mounted to the windshield for full dash coverage Pulls from each side for perfect fit around rear view mirror.


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