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Monday, December 20, 2004

Custom dog boxes

Custom Dog Boxes ... what you need to know
Custom Dog Boxes
by Ivan Smith

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Have you ever been a little nervous when you have to take the family pooch to the vet or out to the deer stand and you don't want her inside the truck so she has to ride in the bed. Dogs can easily jump out or be thrown out in a sharp turn and this could result in expensive and painful injury or even the death of your pet. Wouldn't it be better if you have a custom dog box to put her in. Keep her safe and out of the weather by treating her to some kind of shelter. You could look for "dog boxes for sale" signs or buy diamond plate dog boxes online. I'd hate to have to come home and tell my daughter that her dog jumped out of the truck and broke three of her legs.
Owens Hunter Series Dog Box Built with diamond plate aluminum, this dog box is insulated for the utmost in durability and comfort for your dog. The walls and floor are insulated with easy-to-clean corrugated plastic, and the pitched roof has 1" of foam insulation. Both aid in keeping your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Air flow is adjusted by vents in the rear. The large lockable door has a removable cover for extra cold-weather protection, as well as handles for easy toting. It assembles and disassembles easily with a screwdriver This box is light weight and wont rust or rot like steel frame or wooden dog boxes. It features high quality locking T-handles and removable foul weather covers that protect your dog from theft and storms. High volume adjustable air vents keep dog compartments very well ventilated and can be easily taken apart and stored in a small area for the off season

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A bed mat might be needed to protect your pickup bed when hauling any hunting dog boxes. The paint may be scratched and lower the value of your truck.Bed mats are "truck specific" and come custom fit for your truck. They have the added advantage of being easy on the knees. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to climb around in the back of your truck and will appreciate the rubber under your knees. One of the reasons people pick a mat over a liner is to keep from rubbing the paint off the bed and defeating the whole purpose of "protection". When you protect the bed ... you are also protecting the value of your truck at trade in. The NADA used truck buyers guide lists truck bed protection as an "add on" value.One disadvantage of rubber truck bed mats are that they don't give you sidewall and front protection. Cargo that rolls around may dent or scratch the unprotected areas. If you feel your need protection for the front, sides and tailgate you should take a look at the bedliner/mat hybrid called the "Dual Comp". This is a new twist to truck bed protection. It uses an LRV custom bed mat (3/8") for the floor and has modular plastic pieces for the tailgate, sides and front. Your cargo wont slide around like it will in a drop in liner and there are no hard ribs to dig into the knees. The bed mat reduces the type of rub damage you get with a full drop in liner. Here's the best thing ... it can be shipped UPS or DHL (DHL is about half the cost of UPS so try and get your supplier to use them) instead of having to go "common carrier" which sometimes costs as much as the liner itself.

Thank you
Ivan Smith


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