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Monday, December 20, 2004

Clear tail euro lights

Clear Tail Euro Lights
by Ivan Smith

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So the new truck needs something to set it apart from the rest of the pack and you've already worked the front end over with a billet grill or grill guard (or both) and you already have the fender trim and stainless steel rocker panels that set of the sides and you've got the tonneau cover and maybe some vent visors. So what now? Time to start thinking about how to make your rear end look better? Lets see ... how about some clear tail euro lights? You've already seen these stylish euro lights tail lights around on a buddies truck and you're wondering how they might look on your new Ford or Chevy. I'll tell you ... they look great! They look great on a Dodge too! Have you thought about some euro corner lights? These are extremely stylish and really complement a set of euro lights. Kinda gives it the "all around" look.
Euro Tail lights add the finishing touches to your car or truck with an extensive line of new Euro Tail Lights for your vehicle. The euro tail light kits provide for intense tail light beam concentration, the latest in styling and design, use with stock replacement bulbs and ease of installation. The kits provide an upgrade for your vehicle and provides the satisfaction of having the latest look within minutes. Be prepared to be stopped by people wanting to know where you got them!

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One thing about euro lights is that they make people look at the back of your truck and as long as they're lookin ... shouldn't they see your stainless steel performance exhaust tip? Gibson is the leader in exhaust tips. GIBSON Tips are 100% polished 304 stainless steel which will dramatically out last chrome! Stainless steel delivers the brilliant "show look" and will not chip, flake, or rust like chrome. Gibson's Designer Exhaust Tips give style and personality your car, truck, and suv. Available in six different style configurations. Exclusive design features a built-in clamp at the end of each tip. This speeds installation and provides a very clean custom look ... just slip it on, tighten the nut, and you're done ... beware of look alike products that may require welding! Weld on tips are usually cheaper but this can be quite a hassle that can be completely avoided and will only take a screwdriver and 3 minutes. Whether its a Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Toyota or Nissan I don't think you can go wrong with an exhaust tip. I tricked my Dodge with about $5000 worth of truck accessories and it wasn't "finished" until I added the stainless exhaust tip. With the stainless rocker panels and the stainless fender trim it just didn't look "done" until the exhaust was added. Diesel exhaust are usually quite large but there are a variety of styles available for the larger pipes. Gibson has some with "flames" and "stars". Rectangular and turn down styles gives your truck that clean custom look. Exhaust tips were the last thing I put on my Dodge and it finally looks "complete".

Thank You
Ivam Smith


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