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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Billet grills for pickup trucks

Billet Grills for Pickup Trucks ... what you need to know
Billet Grills for Pickup Trucks
by Ivan Smith

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So your new truck is sitting in the driveway and you've been thinking of ways to make it special. One of the easiest ways to change the appearance ... and have everyone jealous ... is a billet grill. "Billet grills for pickup trucks" is a popular search term as is "billet grilles truck grills" pickup owners use to find information on how to improve the appearance of their truck. Dodge offers a factory billet grill but the spacing between the slats is a little much for me. I like the look of an aftermarket grill. You probably do too. Sometimes you don't want a Ford or Chevy OE look and want to be different. Everybody else has what the factory chooses for you but you don't have to go along with the pack. Don't forget about bumper inserts. Dodge has the holes in the front bumper and this addition creates the finishing touch.
Installation is not as difficult as you might think on a Chevy. There are small tabs welded to the back of the grill and those line up with the factory holes usually in the same place the factory grill was fastened . You wont need a rocket scientist to help ... the directions are very good. This applies to Dodge billet grilles as well. The Fords can be tricky. You actually have to take the grill out and cut out the chrome part of the grill. Its all plastic and we use a jig saw to cut it out and a grinder to touch up the edges. It takes time but ... boy is it worth it! Instant change! Sometimes the billett grilles come where the slats may have gotten bent in shipping but its real easy to bend them back into a uniform spacing.
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If you don't think you're handy enough or just don't have the time then maybe you should consider the E-Z Applicade series by Stull. The Stull E-Z Applicade Billet Grills fit over the factory grill and requires no cutting or removing. If you look real close, really close you can see the bolt sleeves that extend from the back of the grill but its really not noticeable. Talk about saving time ... you simply slide it over the top of the existing factory grill and screw about 6 wing nuts on and your done. I used to think "billet grill" was the name of grill design but its actually the name of the type of aluminum they use in aircraft design. Billet aluminum grilles can either be polished to a bright chrome look or brushed which give it a satin look. The polished billet grills are by far the most popular. Love bugs wipe of easily.
We can't get off the subject of custom billet grills with talking about Putco. Major player in the world of billet grilles for trucks. Their "liquid solid billet is Putco's PREMIER aluminum billet style grille!. Mirror finish Solid Aluminum. Hydro - Jet for exact tolerances. Heavy gauge design - 1/4" Thick. Installs over existing truck manufacturers grille with NO DRILLING. NO CUTTING or removal of any grille component needed. Simple to install. Putco's lifetime warranty. Application available for most full sized trucks and SUVs.


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