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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bed Slide

So you bought a truck, put a camper shell or tonneau cover on it and now you can't reach all the stuff you put in it. Every time you stop, it all goes to the front of the bed. It's time to Extend Your Reach with the BedSlide. With the simple twist of the handle, you can pull all your stuff out to you. No more crawling on your hands and knees.
Not only is the Bed Slide the most affordable slide on the market, but its quality construction and simple design makes the Bed Slide the most necessary accessory you'll ever own. The Bed Slide comes fully assembled and installs without bolting, making complete removal less than a one-minute job. Fully extended, the Bed Slide will hold up to 1200 pounds. Carry more weight than that? No problem, simply bolt the Bed Slide to your vehicle for an increased weight capacity.
Make your life easier, get a BedSlide!

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Available in Weather Deck and the classic Carpet model. Both models come fully assembled, so there is no need buy special decking material. Portability is a feature that the current models boast, two people can remove a bedslide in less than 1 minute! And our products come with our Limited Five Year Warranty.


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